Brent van Doninck scores an eighth position in the MXGP of Trentino

Brent van Doninck of JM Racing Honda has scored an eighth position at round four of the world championship MXGP in Arco di Trento, Italy. Van Doninck managed to finish in this position after a strong ride in the second moto. In the first moto he had a crash at the start and wasn’t able to make it back into the points.

Van Doninck was struggling to find his rhythm on the track in free practice and time practice. He wasn’t worried about this because this is never been his strongest point. In the qualifying heat he almost took the holeshot and was in the leading group. Van Doninck needed a few laps to get his rhythm but was riding strong and managed to finish the race in sixth position.

The first moto started with a set back for Van Doninck because he crashed in the first corner after the start and lost a lot of time. He started a charge through the field but wasn’t able to make it back into the points and finished in 23rd position.

Van Doninck was motivated to do well in the second moto. He took a good start and was riding a really strong race. He finished in eighth position and took some decent points for the championship.

With a DNF-8 in the motos, van Doninck finished in thirteenth position overall. This is his position in the World Championship as well.

Joel Rizzi was riding his first race for the team in Trentino. During the weekend it went better and better. After a 21st position in the qualifying heat he finished in nineteenth place in the first moto and crossed the finish line in fourteenth place in the second moto.

The JM Racing Honda team will now prepare themselves for the Grand Prix of Portugal, which will be held in the weekend of 29 and 30 April.

Overall MXGP Trentino:
1 Jorge Prado 45 Pnt
2 Maxime Renaux 44 Pnt
3 Jeffrey Herlings 37 Pnt
4 Ruben Fernandez 34 Pnt
5 Mattia Guadagnini 29 Pnt
13 Brent van Doninck 13 Pnt

World Championship Standings MXGP:
1 Jorge Prado 201 Pnt
2 Maxime Renaux 184 Pnt
3 Jeffrey Herlings 175 Pnt
4 Romain Febvre 166 Pnt
5 Ruben Fernandez 136 Pnt
13 Brent van Doninck 68 Pnt

Overall Grand Prix MX2 Trentino:
1 Andrea Adamo 44 Pnt
2 Liam Everts 40 Pnt
3 Jago Geerts 39 Pnt
4 Simon Laengenfelder 37 Pnt
5 Kay de Wolf 34 Pnt
15 Joel Rizzi 9 Pnt

World Championship Standings MX2:
1 Jago Geerts 205 Pnt
2 Andrea Adamo 183 Pnt
3 Thibault Benistant 182 Pnt
4 Kay de Wolf 173 Pnt
5 Simon Laengenfelder 158 Pnt
18 Joel Rizzi 19 Pnt