Maximilian Werner scores first World Championship point in Maggiora

Maximilian Werner of the JM Racing Honda team managed to score his first World Championship point in the tenth race of the world championship in Maggiora, Italy. In his Grand Prix debut, Werner managed to finish twentieth in the first moto and took the point.

As the EMX250 Championship is on a break, Werner and the team decided to participate in the Grand Prix MX2 in Maggiora. For Werner this was his first Grand Prix of his career. He started the weekend strongly by setting the twelfth fastest time in timed training. In the qualifying heat he got a very good start, but when approaching the first corner he collided with another rider, which caused him to lose his good start. To make matters worse, he crashed in the second corner, forcing him to come back to the front from the back. His riding went well in the beginning, but later in the race it started to become more difficult and he had to settle for nineteenth place.

Delvintor Alfarizi suffered a setback on Saturday because he crashed during timed training and broke the tip of his finger. In the qualifying heat he tried to ride and finished twenty-ninth. On Sunday morning he tried to ride in the warm up, but unfortunately it was too painful and he couldn’t hold the handlebars well enough, so Alfarizi decided not to ride for the rest of the day.

Werner managed to get a very good start in the first moto and fought well in the top 10 – top 15 in the first twenty minutes. Because this cost him a lot of energy, he had to drop the pace in the last ten minutes and fell back to twentieth place. This earned him his first World Championship point of his career.

At the start of the second moto Werner had wheelspin which caused him to dive into the first corner at the back. It was very difficult to overtake during the heat and that meant that he could only achieve twenty-fifth place.

Maximilian finished in 23rd place in the daily rankings. The JM Racing Honda team will now prepare themselves for the two Grand Prix’s in Indonesia, starting in the weekend of June 29 and 30.

Overall Grand Prix MX2 Maggiora:
1 Sacha Coenen 43 Pnt
2 Liam Everts 43 Pnt
3 Valerio Lata 36 Pnt
4 Andrea Adamo 36 Pnt
5 Simon Laengenfelder 35 Pnt
23 Maximilian Werner 1 Pnt

Photocredits – Fullspectrum Media