Ups and downs for JM Racing Honda in MXGP of Trentino

JM Racing Honda has had a difficult fifth round of the MXGP World Championship in Arco di Trento, Italy. Ivo Monticelli has broken a toe and was forced to sit out the race on Sunday. Henry Jacobi only scored points in the first moto with a 14th position and Petr Polak took three points with an eighteenth position in the second moto of the MX2 class.

The track in Arco di Trento was ridden in the opposite direction. This was a new challenge for the riders. Despite the fact that the track had the same surface as in the previous years, it was really slippery and sketchy. 

The team had a huge set back on Saturday because home rider Ivo Monticelli came up short on a jump and broke a toe. Henry Jacobi was struggling to find his rhythm on Saturday and due to this he had to be satisfied with 18th position in the qualifying heat. Petr Polak qualified himself in 20th spot in the MX2 class.

In the first moto on Sunday it started to go better for Jacobi. During the race he managed to pass several riders and worked his way by Jed Beaton in the closing stages of the race to finally finish in 14th position. Disaster struck Jacobi in the beginning of the second moto when a rock damaged his front brake protector. Due to this he was forced to retire from the race.

Jacobi finished in eighteenth position overall and sits in seventeenth position in the world championship standings.

Petr Polak had a crash in the beginning of the first moto and had to come back through the field. He gave everything he had but failed to score points with a 26th position. In the second moto he was fighting inside off the points. His highest position was a sixteenth position but in the closing stages of the race he lost two positions and finally finished in eighteenth place.

Petr finished in 21st position overall and sits in seventeenth position in the world championship standings.

In two weeks time the World Championship continues in Kegums, Latvia.

Overall Grand Prix MX2 Arco di Trento:
1 Tom Vialle 50 Pnt
2 Kay de Wolf 37 Pnt
3 Mikkel Haarup 37 Pnt
4 Thibault Benistant 36 Pnt
5 Mattia Guadagnini 32 Pnt
21 Petr Polak 3 Pnt

World Championship Standings MX2:
1 Tom Vialle 208 Pnt
2 Jago Geerts 194 Pnt
3 Mikkel Haarup 169 Pnt
4 Simon Laengenfelder 154 Put
5 Kay de Wolf 150 Pnt
17 Petr Polak 35 Pnt

Overall MXGP Arco di Trento:
1 Tim Gajser 50 Pnt
2 Maxime Renaux 40 Pnt
3 Jorge Prado 38 Pnt
4 Jeremy Seewer 36 Pnt
5 Glenn Coldenhoff 32 Pnt
18 Henry Jacobi 7 Pnt

World Championship Standings MXGP:
1 Tim Gajser 236 Pnt
2 Jorge Prado 203 Pnt
3 Maxime Renaux 184 Pnt
4 Jeremy Seewer 160 Pnt
5 Glenn Coldemhoff 141 Pnt
17 Henry Jacobi 59 Pnt