JM Racing Honda close to a top ten finish at MXGP of Italy

The JM Racing Honda team came close to a top ten moto finish at the seventh round of the world championship MXGP in Maggiora. Henry Jacobi finished in eleventh position in the opening moto but was riding inside of the top ten in the first fifteen minutes to finally finish in fifteenth.

The circumstances were perfect on Saturday and the track was in prime condition. Due to heavy rainfall this was completely different on Sunday. Many ruts made a really difficult for the riders!

Jacobi was riding a strong first moto and was fighting for a top ten position. He came close but finally finished in eleventh position. He started again well in the second moto and was riding inside of the top ten in the first fifteen minutes. Unfortunately he lost his rhythm and this cost him several positions. He finally finished the race in fifteenth place.

With these results he ended up thirteenth overall and sits in fifteenth position in the world championship standings.

Petr Polak had a difficult race at Maggiora. He took a good start in both motos but due to some set backs in the beginning of both motos he lost a lot of positions and finally didn’t score points.

JM Racing Honda will now travel to Sardinie for round eighth of the championship next weekend!

Overall MXGP Maggiora:
1 Tim Gajser 50 Pnt
2 Jeremy Seewer 44 Pnt
3 Maxime Renaux 40 Pnt
4 Calvin Vlaanderen 32 Pnt
5 Ruben Fernandez 31 Pnt
13 Henry Jacobi 16 Pnt


World Championship Standings MXGP:
1 Tim Gajser 336 Pnt
2 Maxime Renaux 255 Pnt
3 Jeremy Seewer 231 Pnt
4 Jorge Prado 220 Pnt
5 Glenn Coldenhoff 199 Pnt
15 Henry Jacobi 93 Pnt


Overall Grand Prix MX2 Maggiora:
1 Jago Geerts 47 Pnt
2 Tom Vialle 41 Pnt
3 Stephen Rubini 37 Pnt
4 Simon Laengenfelder 35 Put
5 Kay de Wolf 30 Pnt
24 Petr Polak 0 Pnt


World Championship Standings MX2:
1 Jago Geerts 291 Pnt
2 Tom Vialle 285 Pnt
3 Simon Laengenfelder 216 Pnt
4 Kay de Wolf 211 Pnt
5 Mikkel Haarup 211 Pnt
21 Petr Polak 37 Pnt