Brent van Doninck injured in MXGP of Latvia, McLellan 11th

JM Racing Honda has had mixed fortunes at the MXGP of Latvia last weekend. Camden McLellan is coming closer to his good form and finished in eleventh position in both motos of the MX2 class but Brent van Doninck crashed in the opening moto of the MXGP class and dislocated his hip.

Van Doninck finished in tenth position in the qualifying heat on Saturday. He took a poor start and had some difficulties by passing the riders in front of him. After that things started to go better and he managed to finish the race in tenth position. Van Doninck wasn’t satisfied with this and was fired up for the first moto on Sunday. Unfortunately things went wrong for him in the beginning of the race. Brent crashed and dislocated his hip. He was transported to the hospital to put the hip back in position. Due to this, Brent will be out for the next few races!

Camden McLellan improved himself in each session on Saturday. He took a decent start in the qualifying heat and managed to finish the race in tenth position. In both motos he took a good start but unfortunately he wasn’t able to stay there. Camden gave everything he had and finished in eleventh position in both races.

The world championship will continue in Teutschenthal, Germany, next weekend.

Overall MXGP Latvia:
1 Jeffrey Herlings 50 Pnt
2 Jorge Prado 42 Pnt
3 Romain Febvre 37 Pnt
4 Glenn Coldenhoff 36 Pnt
5 Jeremy Seewer 30 Pnt
DNF Brent van Doninck 0 Pnt

World Championship standings MXGP:
1 Jorge Prado 351 Pnt
2 Jeffrey Herlings 328 Pnt
3 Ruben Fernandez 271 Pnt
4 Romain Febvre 269 Pnt
5 Jeremy Seewer 243 Pnt
12 Brent van Doninck 114 Pnt

Overall Grand Prix MX2 Latvia:
1 Kay de Wolf 50 Pnt
2 Roan van de Moosdijk 40 Pnt
3 Thibault Benistant 37 Pnt
4 Andrea Adamo 34 Pnt
5 Kevin Horgmo 31 Pnt
11 Camden McLellan 22 Pnt

World Championship Standings MX2:
1 Kay de Wolf 367 Pnt
2 Andrea Adamo 355 Pnt
3 Thibault Benistant 348 Pnt
4 Jago Geerts 319 Pnt
5 Roan van de Moosdijk 303 Pnt
23 Camden McLellan 30 Pnt