Brent van Doninck eighth in the MXGP of France

Brent van Doninck of JM Racing Honda finished inside of the top ten at round seven of the World Championship MXGP in Villars sous Ecot in France. With a 10-8 score in the motos he took eighth overall. Camden McLellan made his comeback in the MX2 class and managed to score a solid twelfth position in the second moto.

The track of Villars sous Ecot was really sketchy on Saturday. Long, deep ruts made it difficult for the riders. Van Doninck found his rhythm immediately in the qualifying heat and started to pass the riders in front of him. In the closing stages of the race he tried to pass Valentin Guillod who was riding in eighth place but he wasn’t able to make a pass stick and due to a mistake by himself in the final corner he lost a position to Matt Guadagnini and came home in tenth position.

In both motos on Sunday things were going well for him again. He managed to finish in tenth and eighth place in the motos which gave him eighth place overall. After seven rounds he sits in twelfth position in the championship now!

McLellan didn’t took a good start in the qualifying heat on Saturday and due to a mistake in the beginning of the race he lost some valuable time. During the race he found his rhythm and charged back to eighteenth position.

Due to a lack of race rhythm he crashed in the beginning of the opening moto as well and had to be satisfied with 23rd position. In the second moto he took a much better start and was riding inside of the top ten in the first half of the race. In the second part of the race he started to become a bit tired but he kept fighting and finished the race in a strong twelfth position.

In two weeks from now the series continues in Kegums in Latvia.

Overall MXGP France:
1 Jeremy Seewer 47 Pnt
2 Romain Febvre 45 Pnt
3 Jorge Prado 38 Pnt
4 Ruben Fernandez 34 Pnt
5 Calvin Vlaanderen 29 Pnt
8 Brent van Doninck 24 Pnt

World Championship Standings MXGP:
1 Jorge Prado 342 Pnt
2 Jeffrey Herlings 318 Pnt
3 Romain Febvre 263 Pnt
4 Ruben Fernandez 263 Pnt
5 Jeremy Seewer 243 Pnt
12 Brent van Doninck 113 Pnt

Overall MX2 France:
1 Thibault Benistant 47 Pnt
2 Andrea Adamo 40 Pnt
3 Liam Everts 40 Pnt
4 Lucas Coenen 39 Pnt
5 Kay de Wolf 34 Pnt
16 Camden McLellan 9 Pnt