JM Racing Honda shows great things at MXGP Mantova

Henry Jacobi and Petr Polak of JM Honda Racing have shown good things at the second round of the world championship MXGP in Mantova, Italy. Jacobi finished in twelfth position in the second moto of the MXGP class despite pain in his hand while Polak had several nice battles with the fastest MX2 riders and finished inside of the top fifteen in both motos.

In the opening moto, Jacobi managed to take a really good start and was inside the top five till a rider crashed right in front of him so he had to stop completely. He lost a lot of positions and had to come back through the field to finally finish the race in nineteenth position.

In the second moto he took the holeshot and was trying to hang on to this position for as long as possible. In the first few laps he lost several positions to the top riders but after that he was riding inside of the top ten till the end of the race. Due to the pain in his hand he lost two positions in the closing stages of the race and finished in twelfth position.

With these results he finished in sixteenth position overall and sits in fifteenth position in the world championship standings.

Petr Polak was doing a great job as well in the MX2 class. Petr finished inside of the top fifteen in both motos and with a 15-13 in the motos he finished in fourteenth position overall.

In the second moto he took a really good start and was battling with the fastest MX2 riders in the world. Because this took a lot of energy he was forced to lower the pace a bit but he still managed to finish in a strong 13th position.

‘’What a feeling to take a good start and be up there with with the front guys. I went bit too wild and ran out of energy, but still really happy for how it went and that I was able to mix it a little bit up in front. It was a big learning day for me,’’ explains Petr.

After two rounds he sits in seventeenth position in the world championship standings.

Overall Grand Prix Italy:
1 Jago Geerts 50 Pnt
2 Andrea Adamo 38 Pnt
3 Kay de Wolf 38 Pnt
4 Simon Laengenfelder 36 Put
5 Kevin Horgmo 28 Pnt
14 Petr Polak 14 Pnt

World Championship Standings MX2:
1 Jago Geerts 90 Pnt
2 Simon Laengenfelder 86 Put
3 Kay de Wolf 74 Pnt
4 Tom Vialle 64 Pnt
5 Andrea Adamo 60 Pnt
17 Petr Polak 20 Pnt

Overall MXGP Italy:
1 Tim Gajser 47 Pnt
2 Maxime Renaux 42 Pnt
3 Jorge Prado 39 Pnt
4 Jorge Prado 34 Pnt
5 Jeremy Seewer 34 Int
16 Henry Jacobi 11 Pnt

World Championship standings MXGP:
1 Tim Gajser 94 Pnt
2 Jorge Prado 82 Pnt
3 Maxime Renaux 77 Pnt
4 Jeremy Seewer 74 Int
5 Brian Bogers 57 Int
15 Henry Jacobi 26 Pnt