More misfortune for Brent van Doninck in the MXGP of Spain

Brent van Doninck of the JM Racing Honda team has had more misfortune at round six of the world championship MXGP in Arroyomolinos in Spain. Van Doninck was riding in tenth position in the opening moto till his chain came off the bike which forced him to retire from the race. Because this happened in the final lap he was still classified in sixteenth place and scored five world championship points. In the second moto he had nasty get off and didn’t finish the moto.

The track of Arroyomolinos was hard and slick on Saturday. The temperatures were high as well so it was a physical demanding day for the riders. Brent set the fifteenth fastest time in time practice and was motivated to do better in the qualifying heat. Things went wrong for him at the start because he collided with a few other riders and crashed. Because the race was red flagged he had to start again. This time he didn’t took a good start and had to play catch up. This went well till he came behind Alessandro Lupino. In one of the corners Lupino hit the brakes really hard and because Brent wasn’t able to avoid him, he hit his rear tyre and crashed. Despite the crash, Brent still managed to finish the race in thirteenth position and was ready to go for the Sunday.

In the opening moto he had a good rhythm and everything went well for him. Brent worked himself up from eleventh to tenth position and was riding in this position till the last lap. Unfortunately he had misfortune because his chain came off the bike which forced him to retire from the race. Because he was still classified in sixteenth position he scored five points.

In the second moto he had another set back because on the finish jump he lost control over his bike and had a nasty get off. Because he hit the ground pretty hard with his head, he wasn’t able to continue and had to retire from the race.

Brent finished in twentieth position in the overall classification and sits in thirteenth position in the world championship standings. In two weeks from now the series continues in Villars Sous Ecot, France!

Overall MXGP Spain:
1 Jeffrey Herlings 50 Pnt
2 Mattia Guadagnini 40 Pnt
3 Ruben Fernandez 38 Pnt
4 Jorge Prado 38 Pnt
5 Glenn Coldenhoff 33 Pnt
20 Brent van Doninck 5 Pnt

World Championship MXGP standings:
1 Jorge Prado 294 Pnt
2 Jeffrey Herlings 288 Pnt
3 Ruben Fernandez 224 Pnt
4 Romain Febvre 214 Pnt
5 Maxime Renaux 202 Pnt
13 Brent van Doninck 88 Pnt